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Applying for a Student Credit Card

College can be a time of learning, a time of adventure, and a time of stress. Many of those stresses spring from bills. From student loans to textbooks, college life is expensive. Many students sign up for student credit cards during college.

Student credit cards are granted to any member of the academic community regardless of whether a student is part time or full time, undergraduate or graduate, international students who are visiting, working or studying in the US, school staffs either full time or part time faculty and administrators who are ages 16 year old and above. For those students who are less than 18 years of age consent from the parents or the guardian is required.

Applying for a student credit card is advised since it can help students in creating their credit history which they will need in the future especially in obtaining loans including car, housing or even cash loans. A great number of international students and scholars find it really difficult to obtain a credit card since they lack a credit card history. In order for them to build a credit card history they should have a credit card or at least have a history in paying off debts of whatever type. It is actually a frustrating situation especially if you are badly in need of financial assistance. Many international students who applied for a credit card have been rejected.

How can I obtain a student credit card?

Before applying for your credit card, keep in mind that this should not be a free pass to buy anything you want. Make sure you will be able to make your monthly payments!

1. It always better to obtain a secured credit card to help you in building your credit history. Inquire in your bank whether they are offering secured credit card. A secured credit card is a type of credit card with a deposit. The deposit becomes your credit line. This means that when you reach your credit line you need to pay off or else your credit card is going to be suspended. If you can religiously pay your monthly credit bills then you will be able to build a more reliable credit history.

2. Student credit cards are open to students who have lived in the United States before or for some time so an international student will still have the chance to obtain credit card.

3. For full time student you may contact your bank in order to apply for a student credit card. Your bank will handle your credit card request.

4. There are cases when your application for a student credit card is denied; when this happens you need to find someone who has a good credit standing to act as your guarantor.

Benefits derived from obtaining a student credit card:

Student credit cards help students to learn how to become responsible, especially in terms of handling money. By wisely using these cards students are able to start boosting their credit scores. A student credit card is also a great way of teaching students about interest and debt. With correct and proper guidance, students will be able to gain more benefits from obtaining a student credit card.

The disadvantages of student credit cards:

A student credit card when not used responsibly can result to a great amount of debt that follows a student even after he or she graduated from college. The reason for this is that often times students max out their cards especially those without any money managing skills have the trouble understanding that a credit card is not „FREE MONEY“. It is a debt that needs to be repaid.

Sometimes students have very little income which makes it difficult to pay on these credit card bills. Each month, the bill continues to rise and become more overwhelming. Often, late payments and interest begins to accumulate, making it harder for students to repay the debt. The minimum payment just isn’t enough to put a dent in the problem.


In signing up for a student credit card remember that you and you alone are responsible for paying your bills so be responsible in your expenses. Control yourself from overspending on things that you don’t need.

Plastic money is the most common form of money that is in circulation these days. It is available in different forms such as debit card, credit card, and many others. Though there are many forms of plastic currency available, credit cards occupy a very prominent place among others. The reason for such popularity of credit cards is their usage flexibility. These cards are very prominent among individuals who do not have ready cash to buy something. It comes with validity and a credit limit which varies from person to person. There are numerous banks and financial institutions offering credit cards and have their own set of rules and regulations to be satisfied by the customer who wants to opt for them. Apart from assisting people in need, these cards received the attention of many as they facilitate transaction without cash. Especially in countries like the USA where most of the people got used to this form of currency due to multiple reasons. Let's look at few points that state the uses of credit cards and their prominence in present days.

• You can make huge payments without cash.
• Higher credit limits depending on your salary.
• Flexible payment options.
• Purchase now and make payment in installments.
• Assists you making good credit history that helps you in making good credit ratings.
• Reward points for various purchases through these cards.

As you know various advantages of the credit card, now let's look at the steps through which you can get it:

• Visit a bank or financial institution which is offering credit cards Or else get in touch with them through online.
• Get the details of various types of cards offered by them. Generally, they offer a wide variety of cards that can satisfy all your needs with just one card.
• Select a card that is suitable for you. Before inquiring about a particular type of card look at the constraints that you must fulfill to get the eligibility of that card.
• Once you fulfilled all the criteria contact the executive who can help you in getting your card.
• You got to submit all the documents asked for which might include your salary slip, bank statement, photographs and any others if asked for.
• Once you submit all these documents the executive will inform you about the credit limit of your card and the reception of the card.

Once your documentation is done it might take another 15 days to receive your credit card. You can receive the card either at your residential or official address which ever you mention in the application form.